All members of the band studied and graduated at the Pécs Faculty of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Musical Arts. The naming of the band can be traced back to the roots of brass chamber-music, the band having got its name after a German composer living between 1636 and 1707, who was an accomplished writer as well as a composer. A travelling man, he has lead a journal on all his travels, including his journey to Hungary.  

It can generally be said that brass chamber-music, especially quintet music is aimed at a comparatively narrow audience: mainly others in the same profession or at least near it. The aim of the band is to show this type of music to a broader audience, bringing it near to youngsters ranging from toddlers to university students, from cultural happenings through the commercial sphere all the way to the common man.

The repertoire of the band draws from the music of five centuries. Playing in concert halls, temples, castles, they perform music from the Renaissance, the Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism and contemporary composers, playing all the standard pieces of brass musicians. In addition to a number of successful concerts at home, they have, on multiple occasions toured Austria, Germany and Slovakia. Daniel Speer Brass has had quite a success in Berlin, Bucharest, Nuremberg, Paris, Sofia, Trier, and twice in Stuttgart, playing for a full house in the concert halls and open-air festivals of the Cultural Institutes of Hungary.

They have, on multiple occasions performed on the Hungarian Radio, Duna TV and Pécs TV channel, and on the Hungarian Television's main channel. The band, aside from public concerts, often performs for students. These shows, together with the introduction of the instruments, help the musical education of students in a playful form. The band is a standard feature on Filharmónia's "Juvenile Pass" concert series. One of these performances have been recorded by Culture TV


The sound of the band has been enriched by the presence of Zoltán Péter (drums and percussion) since 1997, who makes the rythm of certain classical pieces (f.e. Renaissance dances) and lighter pieces more pronounced.

"Renaissance music in Renaissance costume" is the name of the programme in which the band, with visual aid, performs the music of English, French, Hungarian, Italian and German masters of that age, dressed in faithful Rennaisance clothing made of velvet and brocade.  Pieces from the Vietoris codex, Holborne and Praetorius are played on horn, tuba and trombone. The organizers of EUROPEAN CAPITOL OF CULTURE - ECC 2010 PÉCS also chose this when they organized a Renaissance concert on June 21, Day of Music.

Apart from classical pieces, the repertoire is littered with jazz adaptations, ragtimes and movie soundtracks. The band's versatility is unique even on an international scale.

Satiri-classical music? Classic in a different way! A rarity during show productions is movement and humour. "Operated operas" /videó-link, videó-link/ has highlight scenes with costumes and a parodistic tone making sure the audience gets a good laugh. The "Jazz show" /videó/ follows a similar pattern. Adaptations of jazz songs combined with a bit of swing and humour, ranging from Armstrong's Hello Dolly to Liza Minelli's New York, New York, are performed in top hats. /videólink/

Music and fun! Classiness and entertainment at the same time! The professional Brass Show also contains the show versions of some of Michael Jackson's tracks /videó link/, /videó link/, and tunes by John Philip Sousa, performed like a marching band ("show" here does not mean the utilization of playback technique, the band always performs live). The show is much preferred on festivals, at official events, receptions, closed parties and company nights or balls. DANIEL SPEER BRASS has given a serenade on demand multiple times, and also performed at weddings, making the event even merrier for both the couple and the guests.

Members of the band have fusioned with PMD BLUES BAND several times. As a result of these collaborations, blues guitar player, Tamás Katona Jr. Joined the band in 2003, who spiced up the brass tunes with his play on festivals. He decided to pursue his career in the USA, so since 2008, Tamás Pozsgai has been playing as a guest musician in the band. With his multilateral talents and play, we can perform blues, blues-rock, soul and pop tracks as well as movie soundtracks, and western movies tunes (Brass Fantasy) /Brass Fantasy/. These many musical layers can all be observed on the released tapes and Cds kazetta és CD felvételek mutatják be. Classiness and a love for the audience are what define the music of Daniel Speer Brass.

Pozsgai Tamás 

SÖRFÕZŐ Zoltán